How'z garn?

"How'z garn?" means "How is it going?"

How to use "problem"

I'm editing this blog after a long time.

I went for a business trip to SanFrancisco for about 2 weeks. I very enjoyed.

Today's memo is how to use "problem".

I have a problem*with*someone

It means I don’t like them.

I wanted to say "彼と同じ問題を持っている" and I saied "I had the same problem with him".
The correct sentence is "I had the same problem as him".

This is important.

Idioms about moneys

Today's teacher tell me many idioms!

bread and butter - one's income, the source of someone's food
e.g. )The man's business is his bread and butter and he works very hard to make it successful.

bring home the bacon - to earn the family living, to earn a salary
e.g.) I have been working hard all month bringing home the bacon for my family.

chicken feed - a small amount of money
e.g.) The amount of money that I paid for the used car was chicken feed.

very interesting ;)


I had trips to Melbourne and Honolulu.
I'll write about it in this blog later.

Anyway, I'm writing about today's English lesson.

The teacher gave me to do "VOCABULARY EXERCISE".

1. Research new english words that I still don't know yet.
2. Look for the meaning of the word and use it in a sentence.


EXAMPLE WORD : Society - meaning of this
Sentence - The Society in Japan is growing so fast

LIST of Vocabulary you can choose from-


new word

"be into something" means I really like it.

I'm into kick boxing right now

into (to be into something) | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council