How'z garn?

"How'z garn?" means "How is it going?"

Taiwanese noodle

I had lunch with muan ;)

That time was very good for learning English!

I ate Taiwanese noodle. It was very yummy!

Also, muan asked me for going to cafe with us later! I'm happy to hear that!!!


Up to par

I took DMM lesson at 11:00 a.m.

There was a lot of static in Skype line because the signals was very weak. So, I sometimes couldn't hear what my teacher said.

Anyway, the theme of the lesson is 'health'.

Today's new word is "I was not feeling up to par".

The 'up to par' means 'as good as the standard' referring to

Arctic Monkeys

I very enjoyed Skype lesson today!

Today's theme was music!

I talked about MANDO DIAO, they are my favorite musician.
So, my teacher knows MANDO DIAO!!!

And she taught me Arctic Monkeys.
Home | Arctic Monkeys

Their songs are very cool ;)


My co-worker said: "Gotcha!".

`Gotcha` means `I got you!`

Also, I applied for DMM Skype lesson. I selected daily plan, so I'll take a lesson once a day!
料金プラン - オンライン英会話ならDMM英会話

And, I found that it is very efficient for me to learn English by `iknow`, when I'm heading to the office.


At the end of December, teachers of DMM Skype lesson take their holiday.

So, I study English using iKnow.

There are many interesting material!

Today, I found 'speech of well-known people' materials.
So I selected the 'speech of Steve Jobs in Stanford University'. It was very interesting!

I don't know

I knew the expressions mean "I don't know".

Dunno and idk.

Dunno is the casual word, maybe..

And, idk is 'i don't know'

I confuse abbreviations. >

DMM lesson

Today's lesson is my second English lesson at DMM.

I used DMM materials and studied about Greeting and Introduction.
Today's teacher speak faster than my first teacher, but I thought it's very useful to learn listening to English.

I reviewed the following sentence.
"I beg your pardon"
This sentence is used in U.S.

I know this sentence, but I rarely use this.
I usually say only "what?"...

Anyway, I'll take more lessons!