How'z garn?

"How'z garn?" means "How is it going?"

The first lesson on DMM

I tried DMM English lesson tonight.
It took 25 minutes to talk with my teacher in English.

We introduced ourselves simply, and then we used the material.
There are many materials!! So, I chose the Shopping theme in Intermediate course.
It was too many materials to choose one theme in a little time.

Anyway, I enjoyed talking with my teacher.

She send words that I didn't know to timeline in Skype, so I could check the words after the lesson.

The words are below.

  • to head for something - to go somewhere
  • price conscious - to be aware of the price of something when shopping
  • How many hours do you shop for?

Also, today at the office, my co-worker said "heading into work now" ;) This is new word for me!!

I want to speak English well ASAP.